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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Brandon Burrell is an attorney licensed in Maryland and Washington DC. He received his B.A. in Public Policy from University of California, Riverside and his Juris Doctor from Howard University School of Law.  Mr. Burrell operates his own law practice Burrell Counsel, LLC which focuses on criminal defense and personal injury litigation.

Mass incarceration and disparate sentencing of people of color severely damages our communities.  Governor Hogan selecting career prosecutors for judicial positions has only exacerbated the problem. Our communities deserve and need a fair judicial bench that will uphold constitutional safeguards. Our communities deserve a champion of civil rights.

Mr. Burrell has tried criminal cases involving armed kidnappings, armed robberies, burglaries, gun possession, domestic violence, drug distribution and a myriad of other areas.  Mr. Burrell has assisted victims of domestic violence and stalking in obtaining protective orders.  Mr. Burrell has represented individuals who have been injured or had their civil rights violated by private and government entities.  


Mr. Burrell is involved with several non-profit organizations that are geared towards social justice such as “Life After Release” and “Harriet’s Wildest Dreams.” He is a member of the Criminal Justice Act Panel in Washington DC and served as a law clerk for the Honorable Nicholas E. Rattal in Prince George’s County Circuit.

Circuit Court Judges are important.  They preside over jury trials in criminal and civil cases and non jury trials involving family law matters.  The Circuit Court is the court of original jurisdiction, meaning the decision of the judge is given the ultimate deference afforded to trial courts.  Many of the most serious sentences occur in Circuit Court.  

We have an enormous mass incarceration problem in this country.  The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world, with almost two million people held.  Maryland, alone, locks up a higher percentage of its people than almost any democracy on Earth.  The state of Maryland has the highest incarceration rate in the nation of young black men.   


While Prince George's County is a diverse and prosperous community, concentrating the most African-American wealth of any county in the country, Prince George's County also has the highest rate of incarceration of the entire state.  The Prince George's County Jail currently averages an inmate population of 943 people, out of that, approximately 713 are black, with the majority being black men.   800 of those 943 incarcerated individuals are being held PRETRIAL.  This means that they are incarcerated while being presumed innocent and without a conviction.       


Under the Maryland Constitution, the Governor fills a new judgeship or other vacancy in judicial office with an individual of his or her choosing. However, Governor Hogan has chosen many candidates which not only fail to represent the County, but also show a lack of commitment to addressing the disparities in treatment of the most vulnerable amongst us.


Over the course of 8 years , Governor Hogan has made 13 judicial appointments.  Of those 13 judicial appointments, seven were former prosecutors, including Governor Hogan's most recent appointment. Only two of those appointments were former defense attorneys. Three of Hogan's appointments have been defeated through the people of Prince George's County voting them out. Most concerning, is that over 8 years and 13 judicial appointments, Governor Hogan, has only ever appointed TWO black men to serve as a Prince George's County Circuit Court Judge, while 75% of the Prince George's County jail population consists of black men. 

You, the voters of Prince George's County have the right to let your voices be heard.  Brandon Burrell is working for your vote and will not rest on the decisions of activist politicians who are not invested in the well being of our community.  Brandon Burrell will bring his tenacity, acumen and thirst for justice and fairness of all people in Prince George's County, to the bench.  Brandon Burrell will take into consideration the Constitutional and human rights of all parties in all matters.  

Brandon Burrell resides in Prince George's County with his wife, Natalie Whittingham-Burrell.  

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